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We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

-Albert Einstein

Creating trauma-informed organizations.


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Become a trauma-informed organization

Why should your organization become trauma-informed? Becoming a trauma-informed organization is crucial for fostering environments of understanding, healing, and support. By integrating trauma-informed practices into your organization's policies and practices, you are acknowledging the prevalence and impact of trauma on the individuals that work for you. This approach enables you to create safer spaces where workers feel validated, respected, and psychologically safe to speak out about potential issues that otherwise would become areas of drama and employee dissatisfaction.


By recognizing the signs and effects of trauma, we can tailor our interactions, policies, and services to be sensitive and responsive to the diverse needs of individuals who work in your organization. Moreover, a trauma-informed approach not only enhances the well-being of your employees or stakeholders, it extenders to clients and also promotes a healthier and more compassionate organizational culture among staff members. Embracing trauma-informed principles fosters trust, resilience, and collaboration, ultimately leading to more effective and sustainable outcomes for everyone involved.

If you care about the productivity and energy level of your staff, you probably need to become trauma informed. First, we do believe that you need to take our burnout questionnaire to see where your organization stands.

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