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Ken Reid

Counselling Therapist and Social Worker (Couples and Family therapy)

About Ken

Ken Reid is an experienced social worker. He has a Masters of Social Work and have been working in the field of Family Therapy since 1998. He has had positions such as child protection/foster care/adoptions/intake and youth corrections for 16 years.

Ken has also worked in child development at the neurology unit at Janeway Children’s Hospital (St. John’s, Newfoundland), working with families and youth who are neurodivergent. 

In terms of current positions, Ken has worked with the Association for New Canadians where he designed a therapy program for newcomers including those from Ukraine, Syria and other countries. At the moment, Ken is working with Choices for Youth where he is helping families and youth grow.

Areas of expertise include addictions, family therapy, domestic violence, anxiety, and depression. Ken is also the owner of his own business where he is a long time dog trainer and consultant. Ken also provides animal assisted therapy. 

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