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Registered Dietitian Fredericton New Brunswick

Vanessa Langille is a Mental Health Dietitian who focuses on helping clients with issues ranging from ADHD/ADD to eating disorders. She has a B.A, BScAHN and is registered with the Dietitians Association of New Brunswick.

  • Registered Dietitian (RD)

  • ADHD/AADD focus

  • Helps with changing eating habits and creates nutrition plans to suit your needs

Nutritional Cooking

About Vanessa

As a Dietitian I am trained to provide nutrition counselling and education. A large part of my role is working with clients on how to make nutrition recommendations achievable based on their unique barriers, starting points, stress levels, and capacity levels. Clients are most successful when changes do not increase stress and overwhelm. I believe this requires small changes over
time instead of big overhauls in their eating patterns. Clients are much more receptive to change when flexibility and balance are factored in, rather than rigidity and restriction. I believe in creating change from the perspective of “what can we add” to their eating pattern vs. being viewed as the diet police, and forcing clients to restrict certain foods to reach their
nutrition-related goals. This approach is well-received by clients who work with me to create sustainable, long-term eating behaviour change.

Kitchen Scale

It's not all about weight loss

I practice from a health-focused perspective rather than a weight-focused one. There is a significant assumption that improvements in health can only be made when they include weight loss. This assumption often holds clients back from making changes as they focus on one outcome only which is often out of their direct control. It is possible to make positive eatingbehaviour changes to improve health (both physical and mental), without weight loss, regardless of a client's presenting weight. That said, I am not opposed to weight loss. If there is a client who has weight loss goals as many of my clients do, we approach this from a health-enhancing perspective and achieve many positive outcomes from working together.


I use a client-centered approach and meet clients where they are at to help build and support sustainable, long-term eating behaviour change. There is no “one size fits all” approach to nutrition when it comes to promoting changes in eating behaviours. Each client requires a unique type of support, education, and change strategy. We can work together to come up with a plan carefully tailored to your unique needs.

Connection between mental health and nutrition

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Lifestyle and eating habits profile

If you have questions such as should I meal prep during the week or on the weekends? What types of foods should I be consuming more of? Is sugar really that bad?


The questions below will help us identify what you may be struggling with. Your dietician can help provide you with a plan that accommodates your needs according to your schedule.


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