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The Significance of the Lotus

The lotus is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. It is an awe inspiring flower that emerges from muddy river waters every morning to bloom fresh, clean and vibrant. Due to this miraculous nature, it has gained much significance in many Eastern cultures and was first noticed by the ancient Egyptians. They were fascinated to see a flower that went back into the water at night and pushed back out in the morning. Ancient Egyptians depicted the lotus symbol in many of their artwork and used to represent higher numbers such as one thousand or two thousand. 

How we are different

There is no one way to approach therapy. Adaptability is key and being able to meet client needs is the most important factor for us. 

For example, you might feel upset about how much you are procrastinating in your classes, feeling distant from home, have difficult co-workers, or family members and find yourself either not saying enough or saying too much. Is this a problem with communication? Emotional regulation? Are you burning out? Should you take medication? Do you need a diagnosis? These are common questions clients come in with and they want direction. They want to know what they should do and what would help them. 

Because we work from a trauma-informed lens, we understand that all of those questions matter and you need help navigating them. While some therapists do not work from diagnostic lenses, we try to incorporate both holistic and scientific lenses so that you can feel a sense of direction and gain tools/strategies to help you pull yourself out of a frustrating time.

Why choose us

With support that is unlike other clinics, we pride ourselves in being creating a therapeutic environment that is more focused on accessibility, inclusivity, and affordability.


Free Sessions available

We would not be who we are without doing pro-bono work. Both our students and practitioners work tirelessly to adjust our prices to make it affordable for you and your family.  more.


24/7 Support

We are available via email at all times and we offer text support* as well  during weekdays and working hours (*check with therapist). 



Being trauma-informed means we want to know your story and what happened to you? rather than asking the question what is wrong with you? Learn more about it here.


Environmentally Friendly

With virtual therapy, we are able to play a part in reducing carbon emissions. It may be a small part that our clinic plays but there are millions of therapists and each therapist has over 100 clients a year. The amount of commuting that occurs can add up. Telemedicine during COVID-19 reduced 17,000 tonnes of Green House Gases! CO2 in particular is not able to be destroyed environmentally. It hangs in the air and becomes parts of the ocean, land or atmosphere.


Direct Billing

Major insurance companies such as Bluecross, Greenshield and Campus Trust are all providers we can direct bill.



As a team of therapists made up of folks from the LQBTQIA+ community as well as those who are neurodivergent, we are know you need a different approach from traditional sessions. That is why we suggest that you meet up with one of our therapists for a free intake before proceeding. Remember, you are the focus and what you need matters. 


Multicultural and Multilingual

Canada's mosaic is changing. We are diverse in every way from food, to cultures, to languages spoken. This means we need to find what works for each of us and how our family backgrounds/ethnicities affects each of us are important considerations. 



We are constantly working to improve our offerings to reach more individuals. Currently, our clients are from both cities and remote locations in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario.



As Atlantic Canadians and Newfoundlanders, we are considered one of the most friendly people in the country! This just makes conversations with us that much easier!


Mindfulness Values

The core values of The Therapy Nest are based upon the principles of not harming others, being non-judgemental, listening mindfully, compassion, and acceptance. We do our best to embody these values during our sessions as well as in our own daily lives. 

Rock in Sand

How can we help?

At the moment, we have four psychotherapists who specialize in the various concerns below. All of our therapists can help you with trauma including complex PTSD.

Grey Circle_edited_edited.png


Adults with ADD, ADHD and ASD

Grey Circle_edited_edited.png


Did you know that depression is the most treatable mental health issue?

Grey Circle_edited_edited.png


Anxiety can be crippling. Learning strategies to help you cope is something our therapists can do.

Grey Circle_edited_edited.png


Childhood trauma and rejection are one of the most overlooked contributing factors of mental health issues. This is especially true in the LGBTQIA+ communities.

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Did you know that DBT is the most effective treatment for BPD?

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PTSD is a disability that is not easy to see. Trauma processing, grieving and Brainspotting are some techniques that might help.


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